Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020. Tuition Waiver for Managerial/Confidential Employees. Benefits information above is provided anonymously by current and former University of Connecticut employees, and may include a summary provided by the employer. Public and private grant administrators have also … Most permanent, full-time UConn employees are eligible for the benefits outlined in the planner. An ARP member’s benefit at retirement is based upon their contributions to the plan, the state’s contributions to the plan and investment earnings. Learn about University of Connecticut , including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy. The last printing of direct deposit advices was July 12, 2013. Employee Benefits Personnel & Employment. The State of Connecticut offers the majority of health insurance benefits for UConn employees. Dear Colleagues: In July, when announcing baseline COVID-19 testing for employees returning to campus this fall, Human Resources informed you all that we would evaluate the results of the testing and other early indicators as the University began the fall semester. Core-CT is the State of Connecticut's human resources, payroll and financial system. From UConn Human Resources. State of Connecticut Employee Benefits Guide. UConn Health employees have access to a paperless paycheck information system known as ‘ePay’. The state’s generous fringe benefits for employees are a drain on UConn Heath’s finances. The Employee Benefits Guide embedded below is provided by the State of Connecticut office of the Comptroller; it is intended to provide a basic overview the benefits available to eligible State Employees. A waiver of tuition and a partial waiver of credit fees equivalent to tuition is available to managerial/confidential employees on a space available basis for all undergraduate and most graduate courses taken at the University of Connecticut. Extends healthcare and pension benefits from SEBAC 2011 and changes to longevity effective September 2011 to all non-represented employees. Employee Benefits; University of Connecticut employees have access to a wide array of benefits, including: medical and dental health insurance (including spouses and dependents); group life insurance, retirement plans and retiree health insurance, and; family and medical leaves of absence. It is important for employees to understand what benefits are available based on appointment type, make informed choices, and use the plans to meet personal goals. Benefits Manual - State of Connecticut Employees The Office of the State Comptroller Employee Benefits Manual - details and resources about the benefits available to state employees Summary of Benefits offered to UConn employees Worker Classification – Employee or Independent Contractor? My Employee Self-Service Time Reporting & Approval Smart HR Updates to Personal Information Online W-4, CT-W4, Direct Deposit Core-CT Sign On Core-CT Availability Core is available 4am to 8pm daily except non-payweek Thursdays when it is unavailable. Access to ePay is available to all employees through the state's Core-CT system. The employee and employer contributions to the plan depend on your State of Connecticut hire date, as shown below: