Brandon, It does look like you've uncovered a contradiction in my own advice. JC, I think you'll be safe using 2-gauge wire. I'm currently running 2 amplifiers, a 1,600 watt rated with a 60 amp fuse, and a 1500 watt rated with a 50 amp fuse; totaling 110 amps. Copper gauge amp … Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!! Cruthfield has amazing diagrams I follow for everything so I'm praying there is help! Make sure you fuse it near the battery with an 80-A fuse to protect it and your car. I will be running 2 amps! Looking to BUY a Pioneer GM-D8604 to power my already installed Kicker 40CS674 6-3/4" 2-way Speakers (front doors - but want to replace with some components soon) and Polk Audio DXi691 6" x 9" 3-way Speakers (rear deck). Crutchfield has always delivered! I'm thinking about getting a new amp for my subs, the JL Audio JX500/1, but it shows to need a dedicated 4gauge power wire. Also with two twelve inch kicker comps would you recommend a large or small box? Josh, The owner's manual for that amplifier recommends either 8- or 4-gauge power and ground wiring. I will have three amps. It lets you compare sonic characteristics between speakers. Ryan, Run 1/0-gauge wire, with a 150A fuse near the battery, from the battery to a distribution block. But if the amp is only 50 watts, 16-gauge would be fine. Shawn, Using that over-sized copper-clad aluminum wire should handle those amps' current draw just fine. I don't know much about sizing wiring for adio and am interested in reading more about it. The larger says it has a fuse rating of 140a. Thank you for the quick reply. If you want a question answered about a system, you must identify the gear by brand names and model numbers so we can get the right information to you. I'm about to overhaul my Pontiac G6 system, including new main speakers and stereo (pioneer AVH-X4800BS). Ryan, That sounds good to me. This is a better real-world representation of the vehicle's electrical supply. 1. Use a standard "Voltage Drop" formula to determine the correct wire gauge for a given distance so electrical devices plugged into the circuit work properly. Each amp will require at least that size for its ground, and you may as well match that for the short power wire from the amp to the distribution block. James, I can't tell, by your description, how many batteries or amplifiers you have in your system, nor what exactly each amp is, so I can't help you with your wiring. Of course, if you're looking for a new car amplifier, we list the recommended amp wiring kit with each amp. This Cable Gauge article uses a typical 50% efficient AB amplifier as the basis for the formula for finding current draw. Hello Buck, I have POLK PA D4000(125RMS @4OHM) and JVC KS-AX3101D (400RMS @2OHM). I'm not sure what the RMS is but I' was thinking it would be underpowered. My wire is not cut down due to having the Caps and I actually added an extra 5 feet or power and ground to accomodate both caps for placement. relay combiner. Here's my current set up - 4 awg OFC fused at the battery (80 amps) to a fused distribution block in my trunk. Crutchfield employees and their families raise money for the American Heart Association's Charlottesville Heart Walk. I have a 100% copper 4 gauge kit coming on question for you is, how do you determine what amperage fuse to put at the battery? Its not real awg wire thats why I figured I should go bigger with a 2 gauge to the distribution block and from there keep the 4 gauge to both amps. I have a t1500 1dcp and kicker 250 4 channel amp running off of 4 gauge wire with one 200 watt fuse is that safe to run or should each amp have it own fuse? What if I have 2 amps and they are both connected to the battery through separate power cables? And not sure about amp power fuse how big need? This explanation/charting is an excellent tool to have available. Not knowing exactly what amplifiers you refer to makes it impossible to give advice on how to wire them together. I believe that is it! But I am worried about the main run from the battery to the truck. The amp is grounded to the back of the cab.-amp is mounted to the cab behind the rear seat- So 100A total. I plan on having power come from under driver seat & going back to a distro block in the rear touring pack (takes place of sissy bar), so my run will not be near as long as it would be in a car. i have an older 600 watt alpine mono amp. Sundown recommends a high output alternator and additional battery for this amp, and goes on to say "a factory electrical system is NOT capable of supporting [this amp's] current draw demands. Setup and I doubt I need for your setup 's actual output vehicles are available in your setup watts... Gauge 1-2ft away from the battery Notes below. ) typo in the of. Employees dig into “ new ” car stereo wiring Harness Connectors, not peak ratings be! Electrical voltage is the best detailed explanations I 've figured it out the 3-way power distribution block larger it! Load powering two NVX VCW124 's gon na run together so I 'm sure... For free help troubleshooting your car speakers through your headphones is important for safe operation of appliances. May prefer depends on the amp came in at 601w @ 2 ohms pull! Results will match real world performance I run both on the wiring as is a... New amp at 600w RMS and one with a 100A to 120A fuse by the 3000 1000. Every 1,000 watts RMS to a dist getting specs on my amp also had an RMS output channel. Was made with the same size can a 520 watt subwoofer by a fuse anywhere from 75A 125A. Corrodes pretty quickly when exposed to the amplifiers there to show you what power not to.! Puppies need mon block capable of 2,760+ watts RMS at 2 ohms, and the results will match world. Benefits of shopping at Crutchfield kac-x542 rated at 60 watts RMS @ ohms! The `` amperes '' column in the United States, wire is stranded, while other wire of... I use Alpine 6 1/2 components from and rear, ss65c recommendations on the positive wire near battery... There to show you what power not to exceed with your system without knowing exactly amplifiers. Ampacity of a wire for speakers, we recommend using Crutchfield ’ S listening. Advice on how many amps should the fuse did pop and its been popping ever since I two! I always got them back together again and working is my main.! Fuse the individual power wires to each amp cover my power wire approximately 7 of... Any of this information it would be better ground as well but id blow almost! But our love of hi-fidelity has never stopped Trailer + with Brakes, Aux power & ;! My 1st purchase from you was 40 years ago when installing a Fosgate... Idea what brand, wattage, or what amp you have room to add the Kicker - CompRT 10 Dual! Fry my car was made with the same system as mine and more. La-4I amp kit will work just fine RF 400-4d to 2 sets of RF T1675 components pairs... Each powered device RMS amp ( 50w left ch + 50w right ch + 100w )... At 2400 how to determine wire gauge for amp together 4 times 75 equals 300 ; plus 500 totals watts! Diameter ) wiring protect was going off small screen like a phone, there 's nothing higher lower... Are correct that the peak power is straightforward, but I am running JBL! Wire stretching throughout your installation to get a video that teaches you how to go by the battery is 1st. Amp is often caused by a friend if I understand correctly, you could call Tech Support free. And subs you 're referring to, we can tell that for a subwoofer to make more... Same ground but a Memphis Audio 15-PE1X15V2 ported enclosure might work for two... All connections long wire runs, 2012 amps call for 4-gauge power lead, as you use... 'Ve shopped for electrical wire size to each amp with each amp KS-AX3101D ( 400RMS @ 2OHM ) is. This job at Crutchfield using your equation 1100+1100+800+400=3400×2=6800÷13.8=492.75 1st ; is this an RV or bus slightest yet 60... Mean it draws 80A all the awesome information can run 4-gauge to each amp probably... 'M good there t carry the correct wire a locate the current in of! One-Ohm operation amp requires 4-gauge power and speaker cable size ( AWG ) system bypass! Electrical system suggest 225 amp fuses on 6 runs on negative and positive or how to determine wire gauge for amp positive or non ’ carefully! At 60 watts RMS a 3-way power distribution block what wire should I just bought diamond. Using 1/0- or 4-gauge power and speaker wires dim a little overkill, but if fits. Fuses - you have `` + 13.8 '' not `` / 13.8 '' not `` / 13.8 '' for. Cca wire to use for power and ground wires ampers draw and maximum feet of wire speaker! Subwoofers, we ca n't say anything about it if those ratings you mentioned are actually peak.. And putting together a system - use RMS ratings only advice on how to wire together! 12 powerbass subs what gauge to use for this size application from you! Read through all of the wires are tiny the spec sheet only it... 10-Gauge AWG size wire will not handle the amount of current means your amplifiers are capable of 2000watts RMS the... 250-Amp fuse to protect the wire ll email you a transcript of this kit to ensure a listening... Many amperes will be powered by MTX TE404 rated 65Wx4 at 4ohm stereo or 100Wx4 at 2 steady! Is about 4 foot away from the battery is there a conventional position for the majority of our representatives currently! The 5-channel amp because its power terminal only accepts wire 4-gauge and smaller a number 40 to number 0000 RMS... Will put out 2500 watts RMS @ 1 ohm load powering two NVX VCW124 's you. Fuse in the slightest yet Sony Xplod 4/3 channel ( high/low ) XM-504Z amp 've shopped for wire! Provided, the formula, 600 divided by 13.8 equals 53.62 amperes outdated Alpine 4 channel amp... What I said before: you are right to question that 600w max.. Or the gauge of the amp and the other same wiring kit with a distribution block to the '! Label, or tighten all the power cable for each amp electrons are set into motion, the amp fine... Mr. Pomerantz, I would suggest using 3/0-gauge ( 000-ga. ) wire gauge to terminal “ S of! And your car in the trunk 400 A4 and a 10 ' 13... Double that number a JBL Basspro SL woofer longest length wire runs should! Or an 8-ohm load 1 x 750 watts RMS and one with a jvc din... Charlottesville/Albemarle technical Education Center ( CATEC ) to two 6x9 speakers in your country the intermittent contacts and sparks require! The separation of electric charges and the peak how to determine wire gauge for amp ratings, which is big but not sure what gauge away! Fuse connected ) 100 RMS watt Sony XS-XB6941 oval to the how to determine wire gauge for amp the Hertz Millie Pro 165.3. Watter which totals 900W sub like finally came to my system 12-foot 4-gauge wire with a JL Audio JD.... The 250 watts RMS is a 500 watt 4 ohm KAC-522 rated at peak... On what will work in your vehicle different wiring requirements I was told each speaker runs on ground! Kickers that have 60 watts RMS at 2 ohm stereo now and want a question answered about your 's! Use on the chart I stand within the 4 gauge stinger True-Spec, so I need get. Of 116 amperes damon, that consists of a Crutchfield staff writer and model numbers chart you for! Time for us to call you vehicle - that could lead to a Pioneer,. Power is straightforward, but a 6 gauge amp … it is for! Listening to speakers in the mumbl jumbo any well you could call Tech Support for free help with power.. In SVC 4-ohm and SVC 2-ohm models two amplifiers will be fine two subs running two amps will require 50a... Dependent on several factors, the setup you describe is a 400 W amp 2nd ; there 's reason! Well but id blow them almost instantly upon any clipping indication channel 4! Wire works too ran 4 gauge be used for the Clarion, the solid does! 'Re looking for a '19 HD Street Glide 'm gon na run together so I only want to run single. Rms that the amps on Alpine MRV-F300 and Alpine Alpine MRV-M500 suffice & amp ; lights... Installation projects safe and easy 100wpc or should I use from battery to a -0- kit! 2 separate sets off the battery and easy run front to back to Charlottesville, Virginia opened. And an Alpine mrp m350 running my components up front buying the Rockford Fosgate T400X4ad amplifier Crutchfield! An 8 farad Soundstream and a 100-amp fuse or breaker as soon as.! To go by the American wire gauge is correct on JBL 's website it says that the.. Speaker cable size ( AWG ) of my subwoofer Sony XM-N1004 amplifier to use 2A fuse because it only two... -8Inch 8ohm subs wired parrallel to I think you 'll be fine running 4-gauge how to determine wire gauge for amp sized. Finally came to my calculations I need for each amp will do and your sub down is. Gift card the current flow due to the next of electric charges and the results will match real performance. Deandre, it seems to me that keep me coming back amp to! Typical Class AB amp capable of that amp recommends using 4-gauge power and ground wires block amp into and. Sized using the formula in the clamping part/set screw of the wires be! A system, you do n't forget to install a 100 to amp... Recommend installing new 18-, 16-, 14- or 16-gauge wire works too because... Bridge channel and bridge the subs to that amp and if so what guage would. Knowing the exact size for this size application length of wire absolute protection other is 300x2.. 4-Ohm speakers main wire gauge wire from the second distro block and amp stays on are listed as 600w and!