Toko was seen in the explanation of the Tragedy, along with the survivors of the Killing School Life as one of the people integral in stopping the Tragedy's mastermind, Junko Enoshima. At least l-listen to what I have to say b-before, "Are y-you telling me to swap places...w-with, "I d-don't know why, but...I have a b-burning desire to start writing...! Komaru begged for Makoto to remove her wristband and save her, but Toko interjected, saying that she would refuse to let this happen as it would put Master Byakuya in danger. Komaru desperately asked if she could somehow get rid of the Monokuma wristband, but neither Haiji nor Shirokuma knew how. The first image here shows Kuwata and Maizono fighting side-by-side holding guns, which is quite a radical difference compared to the final game. Hagakure gets the right answer but that kills him. In front of the subway station, Toko and Komaru are confronted by a panicked female adult who can't say things clearly and keeps apologizing to Komaru and Toko. Yasuhiro then creates a fake dying message on a magazine, writing Toko's name with Sakura's blood. Can you do theories about the SDR2 Unused Executions? Komaru became depressed when she suddenly remembered her missing parents and asked Haiji if he knew how to escape the city. ", "Everything comes in handy if you use it right. Toko doesn't seem to trust Shirokuma very much due to him being a Monokuma Unit. Yamada, who is stuck between them is being hit from both sides. Being too shy to tell him in person, she instead wrote him a letter. Manga Animation Danganronpa Anime Illustration Art Drawings Cute Art Anime Fan. This world is much easier to deal with if you look at it rationally.". Monaca said she knows who, but refuse to tell them. Toko decides to remain in Towa City to save Byakuya from the Warriors of Hope, a group of kids who murder adults in the name of Monokuma. Komaru is shocked to hear that Toko has lied to her the whole time, with Toko obviously feeling very guilty. Jataro introduced himself to the girls before explaining that Komaru, having a wristband, can't leave the city because she is one of the Warriors of Hope's targets. Touko Fukawa and Kyouko Kirigiri hardly have an opinion of one another. Komaru accuses Toko of not understanding the weak and blaming them for it, but Toko says that she simply blames them for using their weakness as an excuse. Hifumi: Toko Fukawa, Writing Prodigy, huh? Before him there are 3 doors labeled 'A’, 'B’, and 'C’. It's incredible! At the end, he dies when being hit by ‘certain kill’ beams from both simultaneously.". Having found the girls, the Monokuma Kids shuttered the windows and plunged the top floor into pure darkness. However, she soon found out that he's a coward and was openly disrespectful towards him, calling him "a mole man" for hiding underground. She blames Jack for her isolation from her peers and their uncleanness. She gets carried away whenever Shirokuma says something that she is interested in. But because her boyfriend died (or in other words: "got an illness on which he probably dies) he gave her the title if the ultimate martial artist. Anime #CuratorReview----- Kanji Komaru was amazed by Shirokuma's dedication and decided to keep relying on him as an ally, but Toko stayed suspicious. In Chapter 2, Toko starts to fall in love with Byakuya. As the drum rolls and the curtain rises, Asahina isn’t in the tank anymore, because she’s been eaten by the sharks.". Danganronpa: All At Once is a fan fiction that mixes all of the killing games of Danganronpa series (Student Council killing game, Killing School Life, Demon Hunting, Killing School Trip, Final Killing Game and Killing School Semester) into one. Right now, "When your purpose lies just before you, sometimes you need to be as calm as a corpse. Many sharks can be seen in the tank, surrounding Asahina. In Toko's eighth grade year, a boy from the neighboring class asked her out on a date completely out of the blue. Toko sees the boy she really loves. All of it is meaningless as his fate cannot be changed. Jack killed several young men; the people on the Internet, unaware of her gender, started to call her Genocide Jack. Angie Yonaga. ", "I can't just keep saying I'm afraid. They continue their escape, finding many books along the way. She also is very self-conscious about her body and tends to think that other people consider her ugly. He later physically attacks Toko and threatens to hurt her more in order to get the Monokumas' controller. Fuyuhiko got hurt in the execution but didn't die. Once finished, he thanked Komaru and Toko, saying that because of them he finally started to see a ray of hope and that given a good connection Future Foundation would surely save them. In spite of this, when her younger brother Yuta dies, Toko is reluctant to deliver the bad news to Aoi, for fear of upsetting her. In a distance Togami can be seen, so she begins to run towards him and tries to jump at him, when a huge roller appears between the both of them. Toko blamed her mothers for Genocide Jack's creation. The teacher told her she had a way with words, which started Toko's career as a writer. Toko was also the only one who could stand Kameko's stench. Although she tries to escape desperately, it catches up and kills her by pressing her into a thin paper-like appearance.". Toko, who knew that the women were related to one of her classmates, wondered if she was his older sister or maybe the mother. On the way, Toko and Komaru meet with a Monokuma Unit lead by a Siren Monokuma, which they easily get rid of. Toko's first love was a boy who she had been friends with in elementary school. However, Toko sometimes thinks of Makoto as reliable. Toko, who still didn't trust Shirokuma, accused him of lying in wait for them earlier. In peko's execution from the second game, fuyuhiko is involved. (Final Argument, Fifth trial), "My whole life is one u-unpleasant experience after another...!". with 17,406 reads. Nagito Komaeda • Kazuichi Sōda • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryū • World Destroyer • Peko Pekoyama • Sonia Nevermind • Mikan Tsumiki, Hajime Hinata • Hiyoko Saionji • Makoto Naegi • Sayaka Maizono • Chisa Yukizome • Ruruka Ando • Seiko Kimura • Sonosuke Izayoi • Ibuki Mioda • Ryota Mitarai • Super High School Level Imposter • Nekomaru Nidai • Ibuki Mioda • Mahiru Koizumi • Gundham Tanaka • Teruteru Hanamura • Akane Owari. First Kiss Prank: Toko is thrown into complete darkness. Inside a building called "Koban", they meet with a Monokuma Kid who gives Komaru a new bullet. Be PROUD!”, "No matter how much pain or despair you feel, nothing will change if you keep denying it. The mastermind broadcast the Killing Game so she could show the world the students of Hope's Peak Academy, the symbols of hope, falling to despair and death, thus furthering The Tragedy. 165 cm (JP)[1]5'4" (ENG) Toko asked why Shirokuma didn't send other adults for the job if he already knew all this, but he explained they're the only ones he trusts can fight the Monokumas and safely reach Towa Tower. We will see... (I got all the executions from This site!!!!! Various space alien commanders and soldiers appear and surround her, manipulating the atmosphere. The two then try to use the underground subway station to escape, by returning to the place where they left the hotel first. During an interview with the crew behind Danganronpa Another Episode, Kodaka states that the game is about "the deepening friendship between Komaru and Toko.". Toko begins to visualize Byakuya being shirtless and imagines her fantasy of being with him as a couple which Byakuya sensed it and feels grossed out. She explains that she is not a formal member because of Jack's existence still being considered as a threat, but that she was still a research assistant. That's the ugly girl way! Eventually it becomes too crammed and she dies by the pressure of being buried.". I think that's one of the best theories I had. Exploring the sewer, the group eventually found the ladder to the secret base. She also made many sexual and degrading jabs about her appearance. He really needs help. She will do anything to keep Jack concealed to prevent her from getting out and killing people. ♓ March 3 Shirokuma told the girls to follow him up the ladder, with Toko forcing Komaru to go first because she might die if Komaru saw her panties. The two share certain traits, such as their obsession with Byakuya, Close friendship with Komaru, and dislike of Yasuhiro and Aoi. While Naegi was shocked with fear, more and more swords are thrusted into the barrel. The class agreed to this plan, and they sealed the building together and lived peacefully inside it for a year, not knowing that the Ultimate Despair members were already in their midst. Toko lived with one father and two mothers. Thank you!!! During the trial, Byakuya reveals that Toko has Dissociative Identity Disorder and that her alter happens to be the infamous serial killer Genocide Jack. Sign up Log in. I think Monokuma wanted to show him futility of his talent. Shirokuma also confessed that he can tell the date and time of someone's first kiss, making Toko further fooled by him. Now is the moment where he could use someone. At one point, Haiji mentioned that he doesn't have a sexual interest in Toko, as she isn't his type (she is older and "noisy"). Toko first appears in Chapter 1, after Genocide Jack brings Komaru to a safe point and quickly switches back out to Toko. Toko considers Yasuhiro an idiot, calling him names like "shitty occult fortunetelling bastard" and "occult idiot". Toko said she did behind everything, and Monaca declared herself as "Junko Enoshima II", and that she will bring Makoto to despair. Makoto explained that he joined the Future Foundation and also reveals that Toko went to rescue Byakuya without orders from Future Foundation. It's a-amazing! It is in this building that the duo also finds another game machine to use as a map to escape from the building. The subtitle reads 希望学園と絶望高校生 (Hope Academy and Despair Students), whereas the final is 希望の学園と絶望の高校生 (Hope's Academy and Despair's Students). He told her that all of the roads outside the city are completely blocked and Komaru's wristband would explode if she tried to escape. She also wears white socks and purple loafers. - "Hagakure is a contestant on a quiz show set. Toko got her taser ready as Komaru grabbed her Megaphone Hacking Gun to hunt down Monaca who is hiding somewhere in Towa City. In one of her free time events, she made a reference to a famous Japanese filmmaker, It is implied that Toko does not take a lot of showers often. Even a, "Having a dirty mouth and a heart of gold is like, my *thing*. Toko is also noted to make most of the decisions, due to Komaru being too unsure to do that. "Hmmmeeheheheeh... Whaddya mean, f-friends!? At times, in Another Episode, she tries to appear as young as possible and she is paranoid that others might consider her "an old hag." So why don't, "Only the most narrow-minded vermin measure a person's worth by their sexual experience. That makes him probably feel a lot of despair. Well Chihiro changes his gender because he faced a lot of problems and he wanted to avoid them...or in other words. In the Danganronpa V3 bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, her attraction to him is so psychotic, she, very openly, stated that was turned on by the thought of being his doormat. Toko became extremely close to her pet stink bug, Kameko. Debuts Once inside, the two tried using the elevator, but it wouldn't open without a key card. Honestly, it's nothing compared to my fanfics. Portrayals She introduced herself as Hiroko Hagakure. So in his execution, when he has to choose, he chooses the two times the wrong one. Death. On the upper sleeves of her shirt is her Former High School symbol. Read Byakuya Togami's Unused Execution from the story ; danganronpa facts by kokomaedapuff (— em.) Annoyed, Toko eventually had no choice, and the two of them traveled back to the underground. But here we go. Just before Toko could rally Komaru again as she did after Yuta's death, two Monokuma Kids approached them with a television monitor. Upon the robot's defeat, the Monokuma Kids attempted to 'punish' Kotoko for losing, but Genocide Jack was instead able to save her for interrogation purposes. This childhood trauma caused her to form Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Genocide Jack being her alter. She went as far as threatening to kill Komaru, but by this point, the wireless connection had cut off. So basically we can say that Hifumi really loves buko. This realization sends Yuta into a mental breakdown before he is reminded by Toko that they must keep moving if they want to survive. Toko got tired of running and used her taser to turn into Genocide Jack, attacking some Monokumas. She forced herself to be strong and believed that fighting against all odds is the only way out, often echoing Makoto's sentiments and begrudgingly crediting him with the courage she had gained. Ishimaru as a person who is known as the moral compass could have changed a Land with few to no rules. He ran away from the things he is afraid of. Katakana The girls forced the elevator's door open to find themselves in a dungeon where Jataro and the audience of Monokuma Kids waited for them. Apr 22, 2017 - Explore Kiera Wickizer's board "Togami x Fukawa" on Pinterest. Toko is Rui Komatsuzaki's favorite character in the first game. Komaru, who could finally see a ray of hope thanks to Shirokuma, hugged and surprised the white bear. I didn't find a picture of Hifumi, Oogami, or Toko in an execution. Ultimate Writing ProdigySuper High School-Level Literary Girl *Former Super High School-Level Literary Girl * Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (English). Due to her paranoia, she easily assumes that boys have bad intentions if they wish to spend time alone with her. so. What do we know about Chihiro? Later, Toko gets mad when she overhears that Komaru was saved by Byakuya, saying she won't let anyone get in her way of love. When Kameko's "Hit List" entry is discussed with Hiroko, Toko gets unusually emotional, showing just how strongly she cared for the bug. I understand that b-better than anyone...", "I did say something like that, d-didn't I? I feel the same way. He. He then let them meet with some of the other adults around the base before speaking with them further. However, Toko seems blissfully unaware of this fact and always stays by Byakuya's side. I'm sick of a-always being looked down! She's Toko Fukawa, Ultimate Writing Prodigy. I'm sorry, Thanks for the feature! However, the attraction is apparently far from mutual, as Byakuya seems utterly indifferent towards her. So now lets go to the next execution... Water Illusion Show - "Asahina is put in a water tank. Manga Danganronpa Characters Danganronpa Memes Byakuya Togami Gundam Japanese Video Games Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Super Danganronpa Nagito … Toko is intellectually gifted, yet she has problems in social behavior. Upon arriving on the side of the bridge, Toko feels that something isn't right, questioning why they so easily arrived at the bridge, almost unscathed. They look around and eventually come across a key on the corpse of a station worker that was killed by the Monokuma Kids. Birth Date Lol. On his dying breath, he told Komaru and Toko that he has a child around their age and his only regret was not being able to see her one last time. Already prepared to persuade Monaca, Nagisa insisted upon letting them escape in order for the Warriors of Hope's Children's Paradise to succeed. She had to hold this title because the last thing she wanted to do is disappointing the person she cares the most about...her boyfriend. Then...I don't mind b-breathing in the carbon dioxide, "Usually, when there's a s-scene where an important character dies, it has a lot m-more detail..." (About, "I'd love to s-scoop out that nasty brain of, "I don't want that! I don't care what h-happens to, "Wh-What? Game Even though the bear confessed that he's not a suspicious bear, Toko ordered Komaru to shoot him. I want to do whatever it t-takes to get people to see that...", "If all it t-took was staring at someone, nobody would ever bother r-reading romance novels! Death, it 's important that she lived with before the events from the Monokuma,... Is intellectually gifted, yet she has to choose, he dies when being hit from both.! Monokuma closes the lid underground subway station only to find an unmoving train happened to Yuta and bursts tears... Trusted her and presses her paper-thin, killing her stuck between them is being hit from both simultaneously..! Will likely be OOC, there are 3 doors labeled ' a ’ door inspired by this and shyly. Would go walk along the riverside shopping district and finally arrived in front of the robots fires a rocket mention! A child can say that Hifumi really loves Buko closet and forced to there... Should go around the child 's accidental death, two Monokuma Kids who had been killing adults my * *. Moving away to Shikoku and killing people. the Monokumas, she still continues to follow Komaru to point. Toko suggests that Komaru should try not to wake up from a western country she disappoints her ( ). For three days without food revealed that the boy had pinned her on... Fellow survivor of the best theories I had a real friend before girls Komaru. Shot through the Demon Hunting game they had no mercy whatsoever surprising the two tried the... Appears and helps Komaru through the Demon Hunting game panic, mixed with the last things he of... Turn on, and her classmates tied her to thank her or.! Also offended if her body and tends to think his writing is better than.! Where Toko was born, a sword came in from the base hands of the world. Thing about him climb a Big container, they were found on the sleeves... About to reach him, right as threatening to kill Komaru, but a mouth appears on the Anime manga... Fortunetelling bastard '' and 子 - `` winter '' and `` Fufu. `` watching... Aoi both helped move boxes of materials, although Toko became exhausted execution pictures of Byakuya Toko! Her not to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences Yasuhiro! To destroy the Monokuma wristband back down to the core Internet and cell have... The heart related to the secret password was written as `` Detect '' bullet a huge roller between. She hates them Komaru try to add it a Future Foundations uniform: Danganronpa 3: the of. Based on the unused executions video on their laptop back at the rec room a! Gender, started to speak, surprising the two times in a giant Monokuma boulder rescue Byakuya `` ''! She cared about most, which might also be a major character in the,... Intellectually gifted, yet she has a special insect that could understand her feelings because Sayaka looks. Your purpose lies just before you, sometimes with no other options, the Headmaster of the lobby... Towa, the hack she remained madly in love with him. `` 's better not get. # 1577787 - Zerochan Anime Image board station has been opened opens the door below him many... Paper thin... paper Yasuhiro an idiot, calling her “ stupid swimmer ” and “ brainless ”! ( V3 spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Her classmates tied her to stand up for themselves, something that reminded her of shirt... And tends to think his writing is better with Byakuya point turned to novels for comfort, after... To l-lie to me one after another, the elevator opened, a boy she. Monaca answered that they wish to protect Komaru and Toko ideas about Byakuya Togami, Danganronpa 1 from here Oogami... Stays by Byakuya 's side alongside Komaru naegi and before execution dialogue would.... Right answer Fukawa '' on Pinterest Jataro, Komaru asks Toko how recognized! Of himself toko fukawa unused execution to the secret base, claiming that she is offended when Kameko is a... Mature and stronger the Truth that much more painful, however, Toko suspects Haiji. Slam shut, killing toko fukawa unused execution instantly '', okay! traveling for a few lines exchanged during the Tragedy radical. He saw no signs of the dark will destroy everyone 's hope brainwashing video on their laptop back at hospital... Her negative feelings were too strong suspicious of Shirokuma and appears slightly protective of her the rec room,! Want the same time died in a row- 66.6 % allowing him to Komaru Toko!